How do I check-in on KLM?

While the passenger makes the booking to visit their destination by flight, they must go through many processes like security check, luggage submission, check-in procedure, etc. Some passengers traveling first are going through many queries and checking in one of them. If you are a passenger of KLM airlines, then you can avail many benefits like early bookings, complete packages, special facilities for disabled passengers, a kids zone, etc. If you make KLM bookings and do not know the KLM check-in process, you do not need to worry; you must read below to resolve this concern.

What options do I have to check-in at KLM?

  • Airport check-in
  • KLM mobile application check-in
  • Web check-in
  • Kiosk check-in

When must I check-in for my KLM flight?

  • The check-in time will vary according to the route and the primary time that KLM suggests to their passenger to reach the airport is before two to three hours of flight departure time.
  • The official representatives of KLM airlines will not allow passengers if they reach the airport after closing the boarding time. Destination of the flight and if the passenger goes to any domestic destination, their boarding time starts before 3 hours of flight departure time. It ends before 45 minutes of flight departure.
  • If the flight is between Bonaire and Guayaquil, the passenger must reach the destination before one hour of flight departure. If the passenger goes to any international destination, passengers must reach the airport before four, and the check-in time ends before 40 minutes of flight departure.
  • For European flights, the check-in process ends before 40 minutes of departure time, and if the passenger wants to go to Accra and Paramaribo, they will have to reach before 2 hours.

How do I Check-in KLM? - Know Multiple ways

Via online check-in: If you book the flight from the official website of the KLM airlines, you can make the online check-in by following the procedure mentioned below.

  • At first, you need to open the official website of KLM airlines in your preferred web browser.
  • After this, you need to click check-in from the screen.
  • Following this, you must fill out the passenger's last name and booking reference number in the given space.
  • Now you can see your bookings. You need to select the flight on which you want to make the check-in.
  • After this, you need to fill out the luggage details, complete name, contact number, and email id, then submit the details.
  • After this, you must fill out the number of passengers traveling with you and the seat type.
  • Next, a new page will open. You need to verify the details and submit their details.

After this, you will get the boarding pass with the contact details. You need to download that pass and complete the process.

Kiosk check-in: If you want to make a check-in at the airport, you can do it by using the machine. You need to go to that available at the KLM counter of the airport and then fill out the flight and passenger details. A confirmation message you will receive; you have to click yes on it and get a boarding pass.

KLM Mobile application check-in: If you choose the mobile application way to make the online check-in, you have to open the KLM application and then the check-in section. After this, you need to enter the booking number and code; then, you need to see your booking details on the screen. If you want to add something, modify the bookings and choose the seat. After this, you must click on submit details and apply for the boarding pass. Then you will get the electronic boarding pass.

KLM Airport check-in: If the passenger is traveling for the first time with the airline or fails to receive the boarding pass, then it is better to go to the airport and connect with the representative to get the boarding pass. The passenger must visit the airport and go to the desk of KLM airlines, then give all the valid documents like flight tickets, IDs, etc. Then they will verify the details and give the boarding pass to the passenger.

The earlier statements will help you know about the KLM online check-in. Still, suppose if you find any issue, then you can also contact the official KLM representative. You have many ways to connect with the representative like a phone call, live chat, email, etc. you can connect with them anytime.

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