How do I avail KLM Baggage fees and allowance?

The primary query of any traveler is always surrounded by baggage allowance because they want to carry a lot of luggage containing essentials for their trip. But in, KLM airlines restrict from carrying more and more luggage, and also they have a specific KLM baggage policy, which you will have to follow, and in case you don’t follow the guidelines properly, then you will have to pay a fine or your luggage will get seized by KLM. So, there are specific policies that you must go through once you read the below section.

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Carry-On Allowance:

For Economy class passengers:

  • The maximum dimensions which are allowed for carry-on luggage is around; 21.5*10*13.5in/ 55cm*25cm*35cm (length * width * height)
  • Moreover the maximum weight of carry-on luggage 26lb/12kg.

For Business class passengers:

  • The maximum dimensions for business class passengers carry-on; 21.5*10*13.5in/55cm*25cm*35cm
  • Further for smaller bag; 18in*8in*13.5in/45cm*20cm*35cm
  • And the weight of carry-on luggage; 40lb/18kg.

Checked Baggage Allowance:

If you wish to know about specifics on KLM Checked Baggage Allowance, you then get this information stated on your ticket and over manage my booking on the KLM official website. But note that baggage allowance varies based on your travel class, destination, and frequent flyer status.

  • Economy class: 1 piece not exceeding 50.5lbs/23kg and 62in/158cm (L+W+H)
  • Business-class: 2 piece not exceeding 70.5lbs/32kg and 62in/158 cm (L+W+H) each

If you are flying blue, silver, gold, and platinum members and SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus members, you would get one extra piece on your travel class with corresponding weight and size restrictions.

Excess, overweight, and oversize baggage fees:

If you want to carry more bags than the permitted allowance on your bags exceeds the weight or linear restrictions, you will get charged for the additional.

  • Moreover, if you want to carry baggage heavier or more prominent than usual, then you will have to pay extra charges for that, and that will range from around $73 to $ 203 depending upon the rules and regulations which are designed for the passengers
  • Passengers are allowed to take an extra piece of baggage at a low standard fee by paying when booking online, by visiting manage my booking over the official website, or when checking in online. Because paying in advance allows you a 20% discount on the original fee.

However, in case you are still getting confused in comfortably understanding the policies and fees which you will pay for excess, overweight and oversize baggage, then you should call a customer service team expert because the instant help on your questions is given over call only and to get official helpline number you can visit contact us page and from there you will get various contact options unlike of phone.

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