What is United Airlines Baggage Policy?

United Airlines is the rating among the best airlines in the US for providing a wide range of domestic and international flights. The airlines offer various facilities to the passengers from the time of making the flight booking to till the time they reach their desired destinations. While dealing with such a large crowd on a daily basis, the airlines need an extensive baggage policy. The United Airlines Baggage policy is explained here for you that is required to be known by the passengers to be ready for any baggage charges that come up. The guidelines and policy are explained here for you as follows.

United Airlines Baggage Fees, Policy & Allowance 2022

  • Suppose you book your flight ticket in Premier Silver on economy travel between the US to Continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, and Central America. In that case, you'll be allowed to take one piece of baggage weighing 70lbs.(32 kgs).
  • If you make the reservation in Premier Gold on Economy travel from the US to the destination mentioned above, the baggage limit will be two bags weighing 70lbs(32kgs)each.
  • If the reservation was made in Premier Platinum and Premier 1K for the destination mentioned above from the US, in that case, you'd be allowed to take three bags weighing 70lbs(32kgs) each.
  • Suppose the booking was made for South America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Middle East, and Africa from the US in Premier Silver economy class with United airlines. Then the checked baggage weight will be 72lbs (32kgs)each for two bags.
  • If the booking was made in Premier Gold, Platinum, and 1k for the destination mentioned above, then the allowed United Airlines checked baggage weight would be three bags 72lbs(32 kgs)each.
  • The checked baggage allowed for all premium cabin travel is three bags weighing 72lbs(32kgs) each.

What is United Airlines (UA) carry-on baggage policy?

  • As per the carry-on baggage policy of United Airlines, the passengers are allowed to take one carry-on baggage and one personal item free of charge.
  • The size and weight of the carry-on baggage should not exceed the limit of 45 inches (24*14*9) or 115 centimeters (56*36*23cm), including the handles and wheels. The bag should get fixed in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you which helps a traveler to travel easily under  United Airlines (UA) carry-on baggage policy rules and regulations
  • The size and weight of the personal time should not exceed 6 inches or 89 centimeters. And should get fixed in the overhead bin under the seat.

What is United Airlines (UA) checked baggage / hold luggage policy?

  • As per the United Airlines checked baggage/ hold luggage policy, the passengers are allowed to carry:
  • Two standard bags, but the charges will apply to the passengers traveling in Economy Class fares.
  • The maximum size of the bag have to be 62 inches or 157 centimeters.
  • The maximum weight has to be 50 pounds or 23 kilograms.

Are there fees for baggage on United Airlines (UA)?

Yes, the airlines apply the baggage fee after exceeding the free baggage allowance limit. The baggage fee also depends upon the type of fare and if you are active military personnel of the US or dependent or have a status in United airlines frequent flier program, or if you have a United Airlines sponsored credit/charge card.

  • The United Airlines standard checked baggage/ hold luggage fee for US domestic Flights will be $35 for the first bag and $45 for the second bag, and $150 per bag for the third and additional bags for all the domestic flights.
  • For international flights, there will be no charges for the first baggage and $100 for the second baggage. The international basic economy baggage charges will be $60 for the first bag and $100 for the second bag. In some routes, two standard baggage are allowed.

What is United Airlines (UA) fee for overweight baggage?

United Airlines will charge $150 approx from the passengers for the third and additional baggage, which can be changed depending on the route. To know the exact baggage charges for your destinations from the US, it is advised for you to visit the Baggage Calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

Ques 1: Does United Airlines' baggage policy have any free bags?

Ans: United Airlines allows the passengers to carry one cabin bag/personal bag without any charges for traveling. For the economy and high-class tickets, passengers can take carry-on bags for free. The passenger traveling internationally and a United Premier member might be eligible for taking the complimentary checked bags. But if you are flying in a basic economy, you must pay for everything besides one personal bag.

Ques 2: What is the difference between a carry-on and a personal item?

Ans: The size of the bag distinguishes between the Carry-on and personal bag while traveling. The personal item may include a laptop bag, backpack, or purse. The carry-on bags will be more significant in inches in comparison to personal items. The passengers traveling for economy or higher class are allowed to carry one carry-on bag. On the other hand, the passengers traveling in the basic economy have to pay for it.

Ques 3: What is United Airlines' baggage policy for military members?

Ans: United Airlines provides up to five carry-on baggage for free to all the active military members traveling due to relocation or duty orders. The family member or dependents moving under the same order also get the five carry-on baggage for free. If the active-duty military member is traveling outside of given orders, in that case, they'll be allowed to carry the three checked baggage for free.

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